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Renderings can be anything from simple 800 sq. ft. ranchers all the way up to 10,000 square foot (or more) luxury homes. This also includes condominiums, town- homes, places of worship as well as various commercial properties.   Price: starting at 150.00  
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Often a builder will want to show off a certain aspect of a home because it may be a focal point of a great design. Interior renderings can show your customer something that you can’t show with simple floor plans. Price: starting at 250.00
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Animation is used if you really want to WOW your customer. While it is often used for high-end properties, smaller properties can benefit from animation by showing the various features of the home and also the surrounding community and amenities. Price: starting at 200.000  
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Floor Plans

Typical B&W floor plans are the staple of the residential home industry. But there are also MANY variations. You can add furniture and color and landscaping too. They don’t have to be the plain B&W floor plans that everyone is familiar with - but...   we have those too! Price: starting at 50.00  
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Site Maps

Builders know that site plans are useful in many ways. Not only do they show your customer what properties are available in the development, but they can also give your customer a perfect birds- eye view of everything and show them where everything is located.   Price: starting at 200.00
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Area Maps

VERY helpful in showing where your new community is located in relation to various landmarks and roads. Not only can it be used in your brochure handouts, but it can be added to your website so your customers can easily find their new homes.   Price: starting at 250.00
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3D Floor Plans

Quite a bit more elaborate than their 2D counterparts, the 3D floor plan allows customers to see the space  from a three dimensional persepctive - with or without furniture.  3D floor plans provide a more realistic representation than your typical B&W floor plans and look incredible. Price: starting at 250.00  
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As an added bonus, we retain all of your models - interiors, exteriors, animation, floor plans,

site maps...  everything - so if you have a variation of a plan in the future, we can use the very

same files and cut your costs WAY down. So instead of having to remodel the same house now

with a new set of dormers, new front door and bay windows...  we can just take your original

model file and refurbish it! This saves us time and you money! It of course does depend on the

number of changes required - for instance, if your new version “grows” the house and the

footprint is significantly different, it may not save you a great deal - but the fact remains it CAN.