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To create your home or commercial building, we will need the files from your architect - either emailed in CAD format (DWG) or as a PDF - in the correct scale. If all you have are the hardcopy blueprints - and we know some architects prefer to still work with paper - we can use these as well! The reason for this is we input exact measurements into our proprietary software - if your house is 60 feet, 5 inches wide...   the 3D model we create will be exactly 60 feet, 5 inches wide. We don’t use the architects files for anything except measurements. Some visaulization companies need the actual 3D files from your architect and STILL charge high prices for the 3D rendering. What we generally do is model the front of the building and one side to provide an angled 3D view. There have been times when a customer would like to see their entire building in 3D. Just let us know if this is what you want and we’ll let you know the additional cost.

What Exactly Do We Need?

To create a 3D rendering, we need the full set of floor plans with all of the measurements as well as elevation views - front rear & sides. If there are any special details that need to be replicated such as special rake details we’ll need those sheets too. Also, if you are a first-time customer, we require a 50% deposit on the first job. When we have established a working relationship with you we’ll be happy to complete work and invoice you after work is completed.

What Will You Receive?

Initially we will send you a proof of the render via email. You would use this to make sure the model looks correct. At this point if there are any changes, we will make them and send you another proof via email. Once approved, we will render the image full size, upload it to a webpage specifically created for you where you can immediately download it. You can also provide the link to your printer where they can download it at any time.

What Is Your Turnarond Time For Renderings?

We’re usually very quick. Of course if you have MANY renderings, it’ll obviously take longer than if we had two small ranchers to render.  :)  It also depends on how much work we already have in-house. Normal turnaround time is about five business days, but during very busy times that can easily double. If you’re on a tight deadline, email or call us and we’ll give you a good idea as to how long it will take.



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