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Animation just adds that extra pizazz to any presentation. Whether it’s a walk-thru of an interior space or a turntable animation showing the entire house exterior or a long animation showing the entire development...   animation can excite your customer unlike any other presentation. Animations are perfect for a sales center where the development is just beginning and there is not much to show. Renderings of all of the models shown with a site map and finally an animation presentation showing the entire neighborhood allows your customer to see everything you have to offer them. And we all know that stunning visuals are a great way to entice a sale.

What Exactly Do We Need?

Where do we begin? Well first, you’ll need to decide what type of animation you will want. Interior walk-thru, exterior turntable or flyaround, or perhaps a full neighborhood animation. While animation is not inexpensive, it doesn’t have to cost the typical “arm and leg.” Perhaps an entire house interior animation may be cost prohibitive, but showing the Great Room and surrounding area might be all you need. Or perhaps a simple turntable animation showing the entire house exterior in a 360 degree view. Animating an entire neighborhood can be a daunting process. Cost would depend upon how many houses will be in the animation as well as any other amenities that will be seen. Things like a clubhouse, pools, park, golf course, walk paths and various other details add to the cost. Of course...   if we have already modeled much of what will be seen - such as houses and clubhouses - the cost would be reduced. As for the items that we’ll require...  that all depends upon what type of animation that you need. An interior animation will need all of the info that Interior Renderings require. An exterior animation will need all of the info that Exterior Renderings require. A neighborhood animation...  well...  we’ll need everything - but the kitchen sink. ;)  We’ll work with you and help you through with everything we’ll need.

What Will You Receive?

Animation is probably the MOST involved service we provide. Once the site is created, we will work with you to see exactly what you want to visualize - be it interiors or exteriors - and map out the animation path. As the process progresses, we’ll send you animation proofs - simple small animations with ever-increasing details - and after each approval we move on to the next step. Turnaround time is difficult to calculate since every animation is unique. Until we know ALL of the details, any idea of turnaround time is...  well, up in the air. We’ll work with you to complete any animation (and all other work) in a timely manner. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we’re used to hectic schedules.  :)
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